SW техника звездолет в разрезе ...Звездные Войны фэндомы 

Variable air intake for generator cooling. Teraab Sector mining permit registration sticker Absence of seatbelts attests to origins on an outworld lacking flight regulations Radiators disperse waste heat and excess radioactivity into the thin, turbulent wake, as far as possible from the cabin

SW техника Йода SW Персонажи капсула в разрезе ...Звездные Войны фэндомы 

Ion acceleration chamber.
Startup power cell
Plasma feeds
Armored hull plates will be used in Yoda's hut
Pneumatic ram
boot articulation linkage
Adjustable footpad
Reactor/ionization ch.
Leg articulation socket
Restraint /tractor field elements hold

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Upper heavy laser cannon turret has best all-round view Retractable rocket/ grenade launcher Retractable ladder rungs------- Ladder between decks Twin stairwell down to rear ,deployment hatch Troop cabin life-support systems Mast can telescope up or down when rungs are retracted Ladders to

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Solar Sailer Sail Power The delicate reflector-surfaces of most “solar” sails unfurl to moon-like diameters, and are more commonly pushed by tachyon streams and ultraviolet lasers than sunlight. Dooku’s unique sail, however, achieves similar performance across the entire galaxy with a much

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Missile bells thread between engines Heavy cladding around initial boost chamber ,Heat-sink and radiator Transformer distributes power to subsystems. Co-pilot/ gunner Internal shock absorbers Exhaust slats can tilt to direct thrusl streams. Flight computer Damaged starboard engine is on

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«W*"' w»n*5¡5 Audience/conference seating v • ' . '1 Landing gear fairing Post-reactor radiator Hyperdrive-navicomputer control links iMain hold I Coolant ducts connect to thermal sink Boarding ramp Thrust’ nozzle ring Turbolift to crew deck' Deflector shield projectors

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Darth Maul
Erfemcrt tirapo** mount
Darth Maul's speeder « powered by a strong rrpukoriifl engine for rapid acceleration and sharp cornering. The open-cockpit design allows Maul to leap directly from the speeder into battle.
Scon-absorto stealth shell

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Naboo Speeders The small ground craft of the Naboo Royal Security volunteers are only lightly armed and armored, since they patrol a fairly peaceful society. They are designed for rapid pursuit and capture of troublemakers rather than combat with an armed enemy. The Flash and Gian speeders are

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Cockpit hinge, .Canopy Sensory processor ■ • Ionization chamber Side thrusters Wing shoulder joint, Small navicomputer can be loaded with charts for local sector only Headrest l-ife support systems Mypcrdnvc motivator. Ranpclindcr/largcting Ion accelerator Each wing reactor

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Shock absorber Piston drive prossurizer. Flat plaie piston drive Knee joint brake Backpack charger troop bench High-speed cable winch Upper deck officer ____Atmosphere intake Extensible deployment cable rack . Energizer rods Fuel cell _ Deployment harness _ j Speeder bike garage